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Flat Earth: water filled bowl with gas filled dome

Flat Earth Satellite Image from Outer Space

Flat Earth: View of the Continents

Flat Earth: Outer frozen edge 

Flat Earth Videos

Flat Earth Satellite Images From Space

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Flat Earth Science

Flat Earth Science use’s Chemistry and the Periodic Table of Elements to provide a consistent working model of the flat earth and universe.

What is Periodic Table Theory?
(PTT) Replaces old dated un-proven gravity based theories based on the theory of General Relativity by Einstein, Quantum Gravity, Quantum Mechanics, Dark Matter, Dark Energy.

(PTT) Periodic Table Theory

Earth Shape 
The earth is a ball cut in half With a 360 degree Flat Top (X) and (Y).  The bottom half is made of heavy Solid elements, with a 180 degree arc on the outer edge (Z).
The Top half is made of lighter gas elements.

Earth is Suspended in a Helium balloon
The earth is a half solid, and half gas filled ball; which is suspended in a massive balloon of helium (24% Mass) which is suspended by the gigantic mass of hydrogen (75% Mass). The hydrogen is pressed into H2 which is the stable form of hydrogen 1.

Hydrogen and Helium fill outer space
There is no empty “Space” all the space is occupied by the mass of an element, mainly compressed hydrogen (H2). The earth’s atmosphere is filled with invisible gas Oxygen; Space is just like our atmosphere but it’s filled with invisible hydrogen H2 . The mass of helium forms a barrier around the earth which repels other elements because the Helium has 2 electrons in its outer shell and it is stable. The Helium has two electrons and does not bond with the other other elements. The helium mass is what keeps the earths elements, gas and compounds pressed together.

How does mass attract?
According to the number of electrons in it’s outer shell, determines if mass attracts or is repelled.



Flat Earth Photos

Flat Earth from Outer Space

Flat Earth bowl with dome

Flat Earth: Solid filled bowl with Gas filled topFlat Earth: Outer frozen edge

Flat Earth: a water filled bowl