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Flat Earth: Water filled bowl with gas filled dome over earth Flat Earth Satellite Image: Edge and Bottom of Earth Flat Earth: View of the Continents Flat Earth: Outer frozen edge 

Flat Earth Videos

1. Flat Earth Satellite Images From Space 2. 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball. by Eric Dubay 3. The History of Flat Earth. By Eric Dubay 4. Epic Deception Flat Earth Documentary. by ODD TV 5. Live TV Channel: Flat Earth Live!…

Flat Earth Science

Flat Earth Science use’s Chemistry and the Periodic Table of Elements to provide a consistent working model of the flat earth and universe.What is Periodic Table Theory? (PTT) Replaces old dated un-proven gravity based theories based on the theory of General Relativity by Einstein,…

Flat Earth Photos

Flat Earth from Outer Space Flat Earth bowl with dome Flat Earth: Solid filled bowl with Gas filled topFlat Earth: Outer frozen edge Flat Earth: a water filled bowl

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